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During the bitter winter of 1942/3 the German army was encircled far to the east in Stalingrad by overwhelming Russian forces, With reinforcements beaten back and failing air supplied, they surrendered in February 1943.

My grandfather learnt years later from eye witness accounts that his son was one of those few in the last pocket of German resistance before final surrender. He liked to believe that his son would have broken out and escaped imprisonment in Russia, but most of the final few simply vanished.



Geoffrey Sambrook has been involved in metal trading for over twenty years, working for companies in London and Hamburg. He graduated from Oxford in Modern Languages, and took an MBA at the City University.

He lives in Sussex with his dog, and occasional visits from two daughters and grandchildren, and continues his career in the metals business.

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  • 17th November 2014
    See John Helmer 'Dances with Bears' article. 
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  • February 20th, 2014
    I feature in BBC Russian Service discussion of oligarch squabbles in aluminium industry.  
    Watch the interview

  • May 13th , 2013
    Just spent a few days in Hamburg researching for my new novel.  There's been a lot of development since I lived there in the mid-80s.

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